Prevent corrosion and other damage when you choose the products from Perma-Coat. Our spray-on bedliner is designed to reduce the risk of damage over time. Shop with us to discover how our truck bedliners can keep your equipment in good condition. Truck Applications
A Perma-Coat spray-on bedliner is ideal for any pickup truck. Whether you drive your truck for work, light hauling, or just for fun, choosing our truck bedliners will increase the value of your vehicle and protect your investment over time. Perma-Coat linings bond directly to the truck bed to form a permanent, watertight, and airtight barrier against rust and corrosion. Water can’t seep under the lining, and there is no loss of cargo space. Our coatings offer the following:
  • Resistance to Fuels, Fertilizers, & Most Corrosive Chemicals
  • Tough, Industrial-Grade Protection
  • Tolerates Temperature Extremes without Cracking or Warping
  • UV Resistance
  • Cushions Cargo & Reduces Slippage
  • Increases NADA/Bluebook Resale Value
Perma-Coat Provides Heavy Duty Protection for Commercial Trucks
Perma-Coat’s sprayed-on polyurethane coating, while best known for protecting pickup truck beds, has many commercial applications. The double polyurethane spray-on bedliner protects hard working surfaces from damage from rough treatment and chemicals while it provides a waterproof, rust-proof coating. From dump trucks to cargo vans to utility bodies, any truck that works hard can benefit from a sprayed-on liner. Depending upon the specific use, the finish can be smooth to facilitate easy loading and unloading of cargo, or textured to provide a non-slip surface. Our proprietary urethane formula produces optimum bonding and fade-resistance characteristics on all surfaces, and is commonly sprayed up to ¼ inch thick or more for commercial and industrial applications. We have one of the fastest growing dealer networks in the spray-on polyurethane industry, with dealers from coast to coast. Our business is based on a proprietary new chemical formula which maximizes pliability, durability, and color stability, which ensures the finished job won’t chalk out. The low pressure system features unique spray equipment that guarantees a quality job and allows the dealer to color match on the spot using proprietary Perma-Coat Perma-Color Pigments.



Perma-Coat bedliners are as tough as your truck. In fact, a Perma-Coat bedliner is one of the most durable sprayed-on bedliners that you can buy. It resists fuels, fertilizers, and most corrosive and acidic chemicals. In addition, it is abrasion resistant and impervious to water, snow, and mud. There is almost nothing you’ll meet in a normal day’s work that can damage a Perma-Coat bedliner, as the material is an industrial coating.

You can, but why would you want to? Your liner protects your truck’s bed from scratches, rust, dents, and damage from corrosives, chemical, and acids. It provides a tough, slip-proof surface that enhances your truck’s appearances, adds years to its life, and helps maintain your truck’s resale value.

It takes a lot to damage a Perma-Coat spray-on bedliner in the first place. Just in case you get a minor gouge, dent or cut in your bedliner, your dealer can easily make the repair.